Reduction of methane emissions from post mining goafs

to minimise their inflow into VAM

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Aims of REM project

REM pilot and demonstration project aims to demonstrate intelligent management of low content AMM (less than 30% CH4) cumulated in post mining goafs of presently operated „Pniówek” underground coking coal mine by: determination such goaf zones, sealing them, extracting Low Content AMM (LCAMM) using latest Long Reach Directional Drilling (LRDD) technology, transporting it using especially designed for LCAMM pipelines to the surface LCAMM compressor station and finally feeding it into especially designed gas engines adjusted for LCAMM to produce electricity and heat. Additionally VAM emissions to the atmosphere from coal mines’ shafts will be monitored and verified with the application of the latest technology of optical gas indication (OGI) and with the use of unmobile aircraft systems (UAS).

Reduction of methane emissions (REM) from post mining goafs (Abandoned Mine Methane) to minimise their inflow into Ventilation Air Methane is a part of sustainable and intelligent mine Greenhouse Gases (GHG) management towards green deal economy, which is the key issue when minimizing costs of coal mines' liquidation process and mitigating Coal Mine Methane emissions to the atmosphere. This innovative comprehensive management of the post-mining methane emission chain with the aim to substantially reduce VAM at Polish and Romanian gassy underground coal mines will significantly increase labour safety and reduce coal mines’ carbon footprint. It will be realistic contribution of gassy coal mines towards Global Methane Pledge ambitious goals set for Energy sector.


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